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On the road

Discover at Laval Trailer Rentals our selection of robust trucks, specially adapted for towing our trailers and transporting heavy loads. Ideal for construction needs, moving, or any project requiring reliable and secure transport, our trucks offer performance and versatility to meet your professional requirements.

Construction machinery

Explore our range of construction machinery and professional excavators at Laval Trailer Rentals. Perfect for all types of work, our excavators ensure efficiency and reliability. Whether you need equipment for construction, renovation, or industrial projects, we offer solutions tailored to your excavation and handling requirements.


Discover our extensive selection of aerial lifts and trailer-mounted boom lifts in Laval. Laval Trailer Rentals provides reliable and safe solutions for all your lifting needs, whether it's for high-rise work, construction sites, or special events. Our equipment, ranging from telescopic to articulated boom lifts, ensures performance and flexibility.