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14 feet dumper

14×7 dumper trailer equipped with a remote that controls a hydraulic piston to help make emptying the trailer quickly and effortlessly. Ideally for transporting demolition materials, soil, etc, With the Possibility of renting access ramps.

icon dumper



Hitch icon


2″ 5/16 inch

Electricite icon


7 way plug

thermometer icon


4 200 lbs


10 000 lbs

ventilateur icon


Length 20’6 ft

Width 8,58 ft

Height 6,25 ft

Poids icon


Length 14′ ft

width 7′ ft

Height 2,75 ft

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Brakes (Electric)

24h rental

$150 / day

7-day rental

$650 / week

Monthly Rental

$1700 / month

Yearly Rental

$12000 / year

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The calendar indicates (in green) the availabilities for this model, select a green area to open the booking form. A reservation can be canceled or postponed free of charge up to 24 hours before the rental, a deposit of $50 is not refunded beyond this period.

We provide a diverse selection of heavy-duty dump trailers, including the Maxi-Roule and N&N models measuring 7X14 feet. These trailers represent the pinnacle of reliability and durability, tailored to meet the exacting demands of professionals and contractors across various industries. Whether you’re tasked with transporting construction materials, handling debris, or facilitating other heavy-duty operations, our dump trailers offer a dependable solution.

The Maxi-Roule and N&N dump trailers, sized at 7X14 feet, boast an impressive load capacity of up to 5 tons. This robust capability positions them as indispensable assets for a wide array of projects, spanning construction, demolition, landscaping, and beyond. Regardless of the materials involved—be it rubble, sand, garden waste, or hefty construction equipment—these trailers are primed to efficiently manage the workload.

Central to the efficiency of our dump trailers is their hydraulic tipping mechanism. This innovative feature streamlines the unloading process, allowing for swift and seamless cargo disposal. Whether you’re at a bustling construction site or a remote location, the hydraulic system empowers operators to execute unloading tasks with precision and speed, maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime.

Beyond their operational prowess, the Maxi-Roule and N&N dump trailers prioritize durability and resilience. Constructed from high-quality steel, these trailers exhibit exceptional strength and sturdiness, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of demanding work environments. Additionally, their meticulously engineered suspension systems deliver a smooth and stable ride, even when subjected to heavy loads and challenging terrain.

At Location Remorque Laval, our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We adhere to stringent maintenance protocols, conducting regular inspections and upkeep procedures to uphold the integrity and performance of our dump trailers. Furthermore, our team of knowledgeable professionals stands ready to provide expert guidance and assistance, ensuring you select the dump trailer that aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned construction contractor, a landscaping aficionado, or an ambitious DIY enthusiast, our Maxi-Roule and N&N dump trailers of 7X14 feet are indispensable allies in your quest for project success. With their unparalleled reliability and efficiency, these trailers empower you to tackle tasks with confidence and ease, regardless of their complexity or scale.

Reach out to us today to reserve your dump trailer from Location Remorque Laval. Experience firsthand the transformative impact of our exceptional service and premium-quality equipment on your next endeavor.